Founded in 1990, TUNER Technology Co., Ltd. was located in Kaohsiung of Southern Taiwan.

The name “TUNER” was derived from a Chinese Phrase, which means an impregnable citadel where attracts talents. Tuner stands for the coordinator, striving for integrality.The mission of technology and enterprise is to improve the co-prosperity and the harmony among every living thing.

Tuner Technology Co., Ltd. devotes himself to reaching the coexistence and co-prosperity of humanity and technology- just like the swirling “Taiji”, yin and yang integrate in harmony.

Our primary customers were mainly in semiconductor industry, petrochemical factories, steel markets and public & private research institutions.


We always believe:

Perfect technology and applocation will male the product more dazzling.

Produt is just a way or result of expressing technology. The perfect presentation of technology  and application is the brilliant value. TUNER is not just a trading company dealing with buying and selling. We understand the core value of technology products, and we nurture evryone at TUNER to become a humanistic "Technologist".